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Wall Art


Artwork by Isaiah K. Stephens

Mesh by B5studio


Anonymous :  Lia senpaaaaiiiiiii, teach me your editing ways ;___________;


b-but its so basic and thank you for this <3


Testing Sha’s lovely baseball jacket <3
I love the designs and baggy fit ~~

Credit: stock paper

Testing Sha’s cool baseball jackets <3

love them Sha! ^.^


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simstrocity :  I LOVE YOUR SIMS. List 5 facts about your favourite sims then send this to 10 simblrs ya love ♥


I’ll do Maddox because <3 (pretty wired when we made those sims lol)

1. He’s a cat person, he like dogs but if he had to chose it would be a cat. 

2. He loves Fallyn very much; that mentally she’s the only one who can hurt/break him since he doesn’t really care for anyone else.

3. When he was 18 he moved out of his parent’s house. At first he use to care how they felt but eventually he just stopped and hasn’t spoken to them in years.

4. He models but also has a job working at a bookstore.

5. He isn’t a fan of texting he prefers if the person just calls him, he thinks texting takes too much effort.



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