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Anonymous :  I miss u so much u need to hurry and come back </3

It’s really out of my hands, the only thing I can do is wait too…its taking forever I know 

joes-stuff said: I think they’re by Pradasims ^u^ But Pradasims’ site is down i think :c

Thank you, much appreciated ^.^ ~anon thanks to Joe there’s a possibility those pants could be there :3

Anonymous :  wcif /post/86260593003/ pants? pls

I don’t remember, I’ve been looking but I’ve had those in my game for awhile and I don’t keep up with cc very well >.< I’m sorry


"Allow me."

We love it <33 lol my mom saw it





Meredith Sousa - Another sim made with Kosmo's base 

I HAD to like and reblog this before I go <3

Good days

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